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Exhibition Place Strategic Plan 2017-2019 – Nov. 2


Exhibition Place Board of Governors are in the process of developing a new Strategic Plan for 2017 to 2019.  A Consultant’s report on the new Strategic Plan for 2017-2019 will be presented to the public. During each portion of the presentation groups will be asked to work together to respond to his questions. This will be your chance to provide your views on the future of Exhibition Place – 192 acres of City-owned property by the Lake.

There is also in the works a proposal coming forward from Exhibition Place Board of Governors to change the Official Plan designation of the westerly portion (West of BMO Stadium) from heritage, parks and open green space to redevelopment. Parkdale and Liberty Village are two adjacent neighbourhoods that are in dire need of parks and open green space.

Help create a new vision for Exhibition Place that includes the wishes of local neighbourhoods!

Date: Wednesday, November 2nd
Time: 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 pm
Place: FOUNTAINBLU (Queen Elizabeth Building, Exhibition Place)

The Parkdale Neighbourhood Plan is Ready! – Oct. 29th


Come learn more about how gentrification is impacting affordability and diversity in Parkdale; 7 key Parkdale wellbeing indicators; and 37 directions for community action!

In the last 18 months the Parkdale Community Economic Development (PCED) gathered community members, agency staff, friends, academics and you. Together through the PCED planning project they’ve built a vision for Parkdale that emphasizes four overarching values: Inclusiveness, Affordability, Diversity and Equity. The risk of untamed gentrification in the area puts these values at risk.

Please join in celebration as they share The Parkdale Neighbourhood Plan – a new story for Parkdale that offers strategies and actions to protect our shared values and promotes collective action, equitable development, participatory democracy, decent work, food security and shared wealth building.

Date: Saturday, October 29th
Time: 1:30 p.m. – 4:00 pm
Place: 250 Dunn Ave. (Bonar-Parkdale Presbyterian Church)


What’s in it for Parkdale? WORKSHOP – Oct. 27


Join us for a panel discussion and workshop on the ways in which residents can influence the development process. Presented by a collaboration between the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust and Parkdale Residents Association.

Big development is coming to Parkdale. In the past year, 4 large condo buildings (totaling over 900 luxury units) have been proposed in Parkdale. While residents demand affordable housing and community spaces, these projects offer zero community benefits! This begs the question: what’s in it for Parkdale? How can we assure low-income and vulnerable community members are beneficiaries rather than the victims of neighbourhood development?
Speakers include community leaders from Kensington Market, Ossington and West Queen West, who have successfully fought and won community benefits for their neighbourhoods.

Guest Speakers:

Dominique Russell – Friends of Kensington –
Michelle Gay – Active 18 –
Charles Campbell – Active 18 –
Steven Wood – Active 18 –

Jessica Wilson and Benj Hellie – Ossington Community Association –

Date: Thursday, October 27th
Time: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 pm
Place: 201 Cowan Ave. South Entrance (Church of the Epiphany & St. Mark)


CNE Traffic & Parking Meeting – Oct. 25

The Community Meeting is to review traffic and parking issues in South Parkdale during the annual ‘The EX’ event.

The meeting will be an opportunity to review the South Parkdale Working Group proposals implemented this year to lessen the impact of vehicle pressures in South Parkdale during ‘The EX’. It will also provide a forum to discuss further actions that can be implemented in upcoming years to alleviate vehicle congestion/issues.

City Transportation and Licensing staff, along with Toronto Parking Enforcement and Toronto Police Services have been invited to attend.

Date: Tuesday, October 25th
Time: 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 pm
Place: 171 Dunn Ave. (Parkdale United Church Hall
– Basement)

Liberty Village New Street Meeting – Oct. 18

City Planing staff will be hosting a public meeting to discuss the Liberty New Street and various other city-building initiatives happening in Liberty Village.

On June 7, 2016, Toronto City Council approved the Environmental Assessment for the Liberty Village New Street. This street will be a two-lane street with a separate pedestrian and cycling path connecting Strachan Avenue to Dufferin Street along the south side of Liberty Village. City Council has directed City Planning staff to add this new public street to the City’s Official Plan.

From 7:00 pm til 8:00 pm will be talking about the new street, how it can benefit the transportation network within Liberty Village, and the next steps and challenges involved in its construction.

Liberty Village Planning Update (8:00pm – 9:00pm) – City Planning and other staff have been working on a number of other initiatives in Liberty Village related to parks and public spaces and heritage preservation. From 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm City Planning staff will provide an overview of this work and answer questions about the City’s Planning objectives for the future of Liberty Village.

Date: Tuesday, October 18th
Time: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 pm
Place: 150 East Liberty Street – Party Room

Films With Friends \ Open Screening – July 16


The Parkdale Film + Video Showcase is excited to announce their open screening ‘Films with Friends’ is happening July 16th at The Tenant Cafe! This is a non-juried showcase co-presented by Toronto Open Screenings with support from Making Room. It’ll be an excellent chance to show your work in a great community space with wonderful people!

Thanks to the sponsors’ generous donations, they’ll be doing a raffle with tons of prizes from local Parkdale vendors and community organizations! There will also be food and drinks, with $4 beer, cider, and wine.

Share your work!
– first come, first shown
– any work: new, old, or in-progress!
– complete work or excerpts
– ten minutes & under
– no cost for admission

Formats accepted:
Nearly all digital video file formats, VHS & Beta (by request), DVD, BluRay, Super8, Regular 8, 16MM. Something not listed? Email to let us know what you need.

Date: Saturday, July 16th
Time: 6:00 p.m. – 11:00 pm
Place: 1267 Queen St. West – The Tenant Cafe

6pm // Doors and signup
7pm // Screening
8pm // Intermission and raffle draw
9pm // Dance party with Toronto DJ Michael Kushnir

Come on out and celebrate Parkdale!
Visit for more information

RSVP on their Facebook page here.

Eligible Seniors & Low-Income Residents Can Save Money on Property Taxes, Water & Energy Bills

Save some money by applying for municipal and provincial programs intended to help low-income residents and seniors. You might like to know about these programs yourself, or you can pass along to your neighbours.

The first three programs are for ongoing assistance, and the rest are for emergency situations.

Ongoing Assistance

City of Toronto Property Tax and Water Relief Programs:
Eligible seniors can have municipal property tax increases either cancelled outright or deferred until the property is sold. It’s based on household income and other criteria but there could be considerable savings. The Water Rebate Program also uses income as one of its criteria.

Both programs use the same application form.

Ontario Senior Homeowners’ Property Tax Grant
Seniors who qualify, can receive as much as $500 per year under this program managed by the Ontario Government. As with the other cases, household income is one of the criteria.

Read more about and apply for the Senior Homeowners’ Property Tax Grant

Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP):
The Ontario Energy Board manages a program that provides eligible residents with reduced electricity bills (between $30 and $50 per month) based on household income level. The application is online, but there is also a printable form that can be given to residents without internet access.

Online Application Form
Printable Application Form

Emergency Assistance Programs

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)
Low-income residents can get up to $500 in emergency assistance for electricity bills ($600 if your home is heated electrically) and $500 for gas bills. The assistance is only available if the resident is behind on bill payments, or in arrears, and may face having service disconnected or switched off. It is for emergency situations only and is not meant to provide for ongoing help to pay bills. Applications are handled via a number of government and social service agencies.
Read more about eligibility and how to apply

Hydro One Free Energy-Saving Upgrades
If you qualified for the LEAP program noted above, you might also be eligible for free energy-saving upgrades from Hydro One. Income level and number of residents is used to determine eligibility.
Read more about Hydro One Free Energy-Saving Upgrades

Emergency Energy Fund (EEF)
This program is for low income residents of Toronto who are not in receipt of social assistance, and have received a disconnection notice or have already been disconnected and do not have sufficient income and/or assets to pay the arrears.

Residents should call 416-338-3332 where an initial eligibility assessment is done.
Read more about the Emergency Energy Fund

Crediting the Cabbagetown Residents Association for gathering this information

Exhibition Place (CNE grounds) Community Meeting – June 27th

The Parkdale Residents Association (PRA) is very concerned about what is happening at the South end of Parkdale.

Exhibition Place (EP) is a City-owned regional amenity of extremely high public value, comprised of 192-acres in the core of one of North America’s largest cities. As Toronto’s population continues to grow and the City becomes increasingly developed, Exhibition Place has the unparalleled potential to offer the residents of Parkdale, Liberty Village and all Toronto access to much-needed open green space.

But this potential is under threat. Recent events indicate that, under the problematic direction of the Exhibition Place Board of Governors, the City is in grave danger of losing much of this valuable open green space amenity for future generations.

The case of MUZIK is a particularly egregious case-in point. Unbelievably, the Board has proposed an Official Plan Amendment (OPA) that would extend the lease period of MUZIK beyond the current 21-year limit to allow the lease to extend to 2034 (!). The proposed means of extending the lease period is to *change the designation of the lands in the Westerly portion of Exhibition Place from ‘park/open space’ to ‘rejuvenation area’*—in other words, *to remove public open space in order that private businesses may benefit from public assets indefinitely into the future*.

Attend the once annual Exhibition Place Community Liaison Committee Meeting to have your interests and opinions heard.

Date: Monday, June 27th
Time: 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 pm
Place: FountainBlu – Queen Elizabeth Building, Exhibition Place

West Queen West Street & Heritage Study – June 23rd

WQW Study

The West Queen West Planning Study is underway. City Planning staff are reviewing the policy context, built-form and heritage value of the properties on Queen Street West between Bathurst Street and Roncesvalles Avenue.

The Planning Study involves public consultations to clarify what defines the street character and to develop a community vision for the future. Transit capacity and parking supply are also being reviewed.

The City staff will be available if you would like to ask questions. They also want to hear your ideas, input, and comments on these matters.

The evening will begin with an Open House from 6:30-7:00pm, followed by an update by City Staff on the WQW Planning Study. FGMDA Architects, will then give a presentation followed by a discussion facilitated by the project team.

Here is  a link to the PRA study done in 2015 re West Queen West Planning Study.

Date: Thursday, June 23rd
Time: 6:30 p.m. – Open House,
7:00 p.m. – Presentation and Facilitated Discussion
Place: 1115 Queen St W. – The Theatre Centre

Public Meeting 6 Noble St. Development – June 20th


The developer of 6 Noble Street, 6 Noble Street Developments Inc., will be holding a pre-application meeting to discuss its proposed plans for this site.

The developer is proposing a 14 storey residential rental condominium containing 178 units. Further details will be available at the community meeting.

Councillor Perks and City Planning staff will be in attendance.

If you are unable to attend the meeting and are interested in providing comment and/or receiving more detailed information, please email Councillor Gord Perks office at

Please pass on this information to your neighbours.

Date: Monday, June 20th
Time: 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Place: 1303 Queen St W. – Parkdale Library (basement auditorium)