Tree Canopy

The many benefits of Trees:
1. Increase property values
2. Add living beauty to our neighbourhoods
3. Reduce cooling and heating costs
4. Filter air pollution
5. Generate oxygen, absorb CO2, So2 and other harmful pollutants
6. Cool streets and provide shade in the summer and protect us from winds in the winter
7. Reduce storm water run-off and cost of water treatment
8. Provide habitat for birds and other fauna

FREE TREES – The City of Toronto Urban Forestry Branch plants trees on City street allowances fronting residential properties free of charge.
For more information regarding a free tree on City property, please call the City at 311, or click here.
The Urban Forestry bylaws regulate the injury and destruction of trees on both City and privately owned land. For more information, click here.

Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests (LEAF) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the urban forest. LEAF offers a full service backyard tree planting program to all residents of the City of Toronto.

The approximate cost per tree is $140 to $200 and includes a site consultation in your yard with a certified arborist, a five to eight foot tall tree and full planting service.
Native shrubs are also available for approximately $25 each (includes delivery and mulch; planting is $20 extra per shrub).
For more information on LEAF, click here.

For helpful tips on tree care and management, click here.

If you notice a tree or limb down in the neighbourhood, it’s a good idea to call the City at 311 and let them know. City Staff are available seven days a week / 24 hours a day. In the event of storm-related damage, requests are usually handled within 72-hours.
You can also contact 311 if you notice a tree has been damaged or needs attention. These maintenance requests are typically dealt within eight weeks.