About Us

The Parkdale Residents Association is a group of tenants and home-owners who live in Parkdale, Toronto, Canada.  Here is our vision for our community:

We the members of The Parkdale Residents Association are motivated by the commitment we have toward our community, and we agree that as residents we bear a primary responsibility, both personally and collectively, for our community’s well-being. Parkdale is a wonderfully dynamic, creative, eccentric, historic place, and it is our belief that an active and engaged citizenry can make this great community even better.

Parkdale is composed of a great diversity of cultures, ethnicities, ideologies, opportunities, and challenges. As members of The Parkdale Residents Association we promise to work toward improving and celebrating the diversity of our community while working against the fragmentation and discord that threatens communities such as ours.

Through inclusive public events, transparent communication, and fair and informed debate, the Parkdale Residents Association intends to develop our distinct community spirit, energize and inform our advocacy, and promote the broader participation of Parkdale’s citizens in the decisions that affect their lives.

While Parkdale’s geographic location has been defined in various ways, for the purposes of the association we use the following: “Between Roncesvalles Avenue and Dufferin Street, from Lake Ontario north to Pearson Avenue, and from Macdonell east to the railway tracks.”

The City of Toronto recently changed the neighbourhood profile of Parkdale. The area now is designated South Parkdale and Roncesvalles. So where is North Parkdale?

You may consult the Parkdale Residents Association’s constitution here.