Join Us


Get involved in your community!  Come out and meet your neighbours at a residents association meeting (see the events listings on our home page), or sign-up right now for one of these three options:

It’s worth getting involved with your residents association.  Here’s why:

Open and Inclusive

  • 100% volunteer organization.
  • Welcoming of all residents.
  • A forum to speak and be heard.
  • Respect for all points of view.
  • Socially conscious.

Influential and Effective

  • Fights to preserve and protect Parkdale’s diversity and character.
  • Raises awareness of issues affecting residents.
  • Sought out by office holders and key decision makers.
  • Spearheads and supports community clean-up days, gardening projects, tree planting, street parties, festivals, etc.
  • Addresses issues and helps connect residents to services.

Social and Learning Opportunities

  • Meet your neighbours, make new friends.
  • Learn more about your community.
  • Get involved and gain valuable leadership, management, public speaking and other skills and experience.

Invest in Your Community

  • A great way to give of your time, experience and expertise.
  • Volunteering opportunities of all types, both large and small.