Summer Garden Dinner – August 16

Greenest City would like to invite you to a dinner in the Milky Way Garden on Friday August 16th.

Greenest City thought it would be a nice idea to have community members and the various organizations working in and around Parkdale come to celebrate together in these last dog days of Summer.

The garden is in full swing and what better way to centre ourselves here than to gregariously eat some delicious local veggies, rambunctiously play bean bag toss and catch up with one another as though there’s a million things going on all the time!

Greenest City will be hosting and cooking up a storm.

Please feel free to drop by between 6:00 and 9:00pm on Friday August 16th.
The Milky Way Gardens are located at 87 Milky Way Lane – behind the Parkdale Library.

The event is Pay What You Can – with a suggested donation of $5, but no one will be refused.
There will be vegetarian and vegan options plentifully available.