Metrolinx / Railpath

The Provincial transit agency Metrolinx has built a new rail line to service Pearson Airport from downtown Union Station, called UP Express. The rail line follows rail corridor that is the North and North East boundary of Parkdale. Citizens are concerned that the plan calls for diesel trains rather than electric trains.

The current diesel expansion runs through twelve Toronto neighbourhoods which are home to more than 300,000 people. The rail link will move approximately 50 trains per day to about 200 by the time of the Pan Am Games in 2015. Future expansion of diesel GO train traffic, along with the UP Express, will bring traffic to approximately 400 diesel trains per day through our neighbourhood. Diesel exhaust is a known threat to human health, especially the health of children and seniors, and is linked to cancer and respiratory diseases. Diesel trains will spew fumes, create noise and divide our neighbourhoods. This plan will seriously impact our quality of life. There are a number of community coalitions trying to work with the Province and Metrolinx to work with the different neighbourhoods along the rail line.
To get involved contact:
The Big Move
Clean Train Coalition
Cancer Train

The West Toronto Railpath is a multi-use asphalt trail planned to run for 6.5km. from The Junction neighbourhood toward downtown Toronto. The Railpath was developed and funded by the City of Toronto for cyclist and pedestrian use by local area residents. This is the same rail corridor that the UP Express follows – Georgetown rail corridor.
To get involved contact:
Friends of the West Toronto Railpath
Junction Triangle
Railpath Run
Community Bicycle Network