Pia Bouman School MOVING

After 40 years serving the community of Parkdale, Pia Bouman School has recently faced an uncertain future as their current home at 6 Noble Street has been sold for re-development and PBS needed to relocate. In the end, the board’s Real Estate committee closely considered more than 20 properties and visited a short list of 10 to 12 possible contenders.

The school has taken leased possession of a new space at 225 Sterling Road. The 9500 sq ft space has 30 ft ceilings and will inspire dancers young and old to soar.

PBS, a registered charity, seeks your support to help cover the renovation costs to meet the dance schools needs and moving costs once our new space is realized.  The school will be fully operational in the Sterling Road space by Sept. 3 for the 2019/2020 season.

The Pia Bouman School has always been committed to ensuring its unique and defining mandate: “Every child who wishes to dance, to create and to perform has the opportunity to do so.”

There are many ways you can help PBS – volunteer your labour or services and/or make a donation HERE.