Queen West Street Study by PRA

In anticipation of significant growth and development along Queen St. West, in November, 2014 the City Council adopted a motion which directed city staff to undertake a planning study of Queen Street. The outermost boundaries of this study are Roncesvalles Avenue to the west and Bathurst St. to the east. Approximately half of this study area lies in the Parkdale neighbourhood of Toronto (Roncesvalles Avenue to Dufferin St. The City of Toronto web site dedicated to this study can be found here.

In response to this growth, the PRA has taken the initiative to conduct its own study of Queen Street.  The purpose of this document is to give some input into the study as it moves forward. As representatives of the residents of Parkdale the PRA wants to ensure that the various cultural physical characteristics that define Parkdale are respected and represented as our neighbourhood continues to grow and evolve. To view and/or download the study please click here.