Report a Disturbance

The PRA is tracking all restaurant/bar/nightclub related disturbance complaints and recording all resident submissions in one central database.

Use this online form to file a report about any loud broadcasting of music AND incidents involving disturbances created by departing patrons, aggressive taxis, etc. to the PRA. You still need to call 311 or the Police and report the problem. This way we are able to compare notes. Click here to track the City’s processing of your complaint.

Try to positively identify the establishment by name, but if you are concerned about your safety, DO NOT go into the streets, do your best to identify the source from the safety of your residence or condo building, and briefly explain in your report.

Each report is automatically sent to:

  • PRA
  • Councillor Perks
  • Municipal Licensing & Standards (MLS).

The PRA reviews every incoming report and forwards those involving outdoor licenced spaces and disorderly departing patrons to the AGCO enforcement team.

The PRA periodically reports encompassing all the logged complaints and takes up all unresolved disturbance issues with MLS and AGCO where appropriate.

You can request a summary report of the your own submissions at any time.  Otherwise the data is restricted to the Police, MLS and the AGCO.  Email your request to:

It is best if you agree to be a witness in court — however — if for personal safety or work related reasons — you cannot — please send in your complaint anyway — The PRA will always respect your decision.

This is a new endeavour by the Parkdale Residents Association. Modeled after the successful King-Spadina Residents Association disturbance reporting database system.


  • MLS manages all noise related complaints in Toronto.
  • AGCO has jurisdiction with OUTDOOR spaces serving alcohol.
  • If you don’t report a problem to MLS, Police or AGCO then there is NO problem with these businesses.

Report noisy local businesses, disorderly patrons, aggressive taxis here!

Disturbance Report

Date and time noise first heard by you.
(indicate duration of noise event in the description area below)

Establishment that is the source of noise (if applicable).
Explain disturbance in description area below.

(Log number is not mandatory, Police Service: 416-808-2222)

Please indicate the duration of the disturbance.
Please describe the disturbance that is audible in your residence.
Please indicate if possible whether disturbance is from inside a facility; a side, back or roof patio; some other private or public space.
Do not go out into streets to verify source if you believe the crowds are a threat to your safety - Please indicate that you are making a best guess for that reason.
Please be concise - The database software won't display more than 1000 characters from this description window.

Will you be a witness if the Police, MLS or AGCO bring charges