Ward 14 Candidates for Councillor & School Trustees • VOTE! •

October 27th is election day in Toronto. Below is a list of all the candidates running in Parkdale/High Park area. For more information on voters registration, advance voting, polling station locations and more information on each individual candidate click here.

Ward 14  Parkdale/High Park – candidates for Councillor are:

Charmain Emerson
Tim Kirby
Gus Koutroumanos
Andreas Marouchos

Gord Perks
Jimmy Talpa

Toronto District School Board – Parkdale/High Park – Candidates

English Public School Board
Gordon Foster
Jeffrey Freeman
Jim Henderson
Noel Kent
Robin Pikey
Marcela Saitua

Linda Torry

English Catholic School Board
Edith Pearson,
Barbara Poplawski

Ralph Tassone

French Public School Board
Jean-Francois L’Heureux

French Catholic School Board
Nathalie Bedros,
Marie Fontin

Robert Siani